Set Piece

A Timbers Video Game


Set Piece

Set piece is a Timbers video game designed to keep the team top of mind in between matches. Inspired by the post match celebrations of the Timbers Army, Set Piece salutes the supporters as they dance to the trumpeted tune of Korobeiniki and three points. 

We continued to expand the club's brand by exploring the crossover of gaming culture and soccer through a classic video game.

Game Art

Set Piece, much like soccer, can be played anywhere in the world (where there's cell reception). Though we are called the Portland Timbers, the club is Oregon's team and as a way to show that through this game, we illustrated the pitch in iconic Oregon locations like, Cannon Beach, Crater Lake and Mount Hood.  

Enough talking about it
test your skills.

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Game Design and Development: Instrument
Music by: Marmoset
Creative Direction: Alex Kocher