In 2015, the Portland Timbers celebrated their fifth year in MLS and it's fortieth as a club. 

I designed a commemorative badge that guided the season's creative. The badge was featured on the team's kit, captain's armband and stadium entrance.

Seasonal Creative


recounting the Timber's storied history, Archival imagery was used within the Seasonal Creative to highlight influential players throughout the different eras.


Axe Photo Series

supporters Qued up to have their best "Rose city 'til I Die" photo taken, five years after the Timbers inaugural MLS season and original Axe Photo Series. 
Over ten thousand Supporter portraits were taken.

Creative Director: Jelly Helm
Photographer: Chris Hornbecker.


Opening Day Poster 


every goalscorer since 1975 who earned their share of the Victory Log is represented.


Ten videos were cut from historic footage to highlight some of the most inspired moments.